Venus Factor Review and Testimonials

Firstly, let’s discuss exactly what the Venus Factor is and who it is for.

The Venus Factor is a fitness program for women only!

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John Barban has designed this program strictly based on his years of research regarding women physiology.

It’s a program based on something called The Venus Index which is originally for women body sculptors and female fitness models.

So if you’re expecting to look like this:

The Venus Index Fitness Model (Female)

Don’t count on the VF to get you there unless you’re planning on years of training and dedication.

That is what the Venus Index is designed for.

VF is designed for average, overweight women looking to achieve feasible results like these:

Actual Venus Factor Results

John Barban was inspired to adapt his original model to work for women like his sister Lisa.

Barban had had plenty of know how and experience working with women models and fitness experts and was familiar with women physiology.

However, initially he struggled to create something that would work for the average everyday working woman, mom, or active social diva.

His sister Lisa was extremely obese, depressed, and facing serious health risks – especially after a recent pregnancy.

He knew there would be absolutely no way Lisa would be able to follow the rigorous Venus Index program as it was strictly designed for highly motivated fitness models and trainers that were predisposed to look like Greek goddesses already.

After continuing his study in biology, nutrition, and women’s physiology out of desperate need to help his sister, John finally found the “secret” that had eluded nutritionists, doctors, and dietitians – leptin.

Leptin is an enzyme that is found in both men and women.

Women actually carry twice as much of this fat-burning enzyme than men, but in women it is naturally much less efficient – this is know as leptin resistance.

As opposed to men, women were genetically predisposed to store fat more readily because it provided an evolutionary advantage in child bearing (insulation, protection, nourishment, etc).

There are certain foods and other natural ways to stimulate a more efficient metabolism by leveraging the power of the leptin enzyme and the way the liver flushes toxins from the body.

Toxins are a leading cause of fat storage because the body naturally insulates the cells with fat to protect them from harmful impurities and free radicals that enter our bodies on a daily basis from a plethora of sources.

We inevitably and unknowingly introduce toxins into our bodies every single day from things like air pollution, water contaminants, medications, cosmetics, junk food, etc.

They are inevitable and inescapable… but there are ways to improve liver function to flush out these toxins regularly and consistently.

When toxins are moved through the body more quickly, the body will not have enough time to react by storing more fat from the foods you eat.

That means the Venus Factor will still allow you to eat the foods you love because it isn’t so much about the fat that enters the body – it’s about the fat burning process of an efficient feminine metabolism as a result of a natural detoxification process.

 A Venus Factor Testimonial – Sarah Lost 27 Lbs

(Sarah’s Blog & Results: TheVenusFactorReview.Org)
You can see that it is not going to be some miracle weight loss solution or magic bullet “cure all” because that isn’t what it is designed to be.

It’s designed to help regular, busy women who can’t just give up their favorite foods and hit up the gym all day every day.

John specifically created this to be something that women can stick to because he knew giving up cheese cake and chocolate was just in the realm of impossible for most of us.

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